New updates and improvements to Sales Simplify

  1. Don’t you get tired of doing the same mundane tasks? Well let’s simplify that! Automate now your workflows so you can focus on your key business functions.

    You can be notified of activities in the modules by email, create activity, create new Leads or Deals and edit or update them as well.

    Create your workflows now with ease -

    1. Build from scratch or templates,
    2. Select module and set the trigger,
    3. Apply your conditions and
    4. Choose your Actions.
    Untitled design
  2. Learn:-

    Salespeople must be well-versed in all aspects of the products, processes, or strategies that they are selling. Don’t you find it difficult to share product knowledge or training?

    We faced similar challenges as well and that’s why we built the Learn module to help our sales community.

    You can now share all that information via videos easily using the Learn module. Store your videos and share them within your Company/Team/Agents.

    Check it out now -

    Help Center Document -

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    Tags - New Colors added

    We have added more colors for the Tag feature.

    Tag Announcement
  3. Report A Bug

    Notice a bug in the system? Let us know with this new feature “Report a Bug”. Click on the report bug button and you can describe the bug issue and take a screenshot or a video of the bug.


    Custom Fields in Deal Module

    Add custom fields to the Deal module. You can now add custom fields to the deal module and also add it to the “Add Deal” form as well.

  4. We hope you are enjoying the latest update of Sales Simplify. We have updated the API document and added few API's that were missing which was pointed out by our customers.

    Here is the link to our API documentation -

    For any inquires reach out to us at

  5. Don't you wish you could finish your jobs in a snap, keep track of your goals, or forecast your bargains, and Sales Simplify has finally made that happen! We always love to hear from our customers and salespeople about how we can improve their sales experience. Our team of expert programmers has worked hard behind the scenes to include these features and improve your user experience.

    We have listed our updates below and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

    User Interface

    • Refreshed Popover View - We have tweaked the popover view of all our modules with a refreshed design.
    Screenshot (3)

    • Help and Updates button shifted to the top so you can contact us with ease and keep track of all our upcoming updates.
    • Convert Lead to People - We have now given the option to convert any lead to people as well
    • Upcoming activities - See all your upcoming activities for any module at the beginning of the timeline and mark as done when completed.
    • Now add Tags easily in the dropdown section at any modules
    • Brand new look for the Pipeline- A complete overhaul for the deal card giving it a fresh design.
    • Deal stage, status and close date shifted to give more visibility
    • Left Pane Menu section- We have combined few features and module together such as
    1. LeadBot
    2. Product Module
    3. Import/Export
    4. Admin Settings
    5. Billing
    • Activity module revamp

    1. Associate each activity to Lead, Deal, People or Company


    2. Meeting activity allows you to add location or meeting link, add guests and choose timezone


    3. A statistics bar to show you a summary of your activity and goals achieved


    New Features: -

    Last Contacted -

    A simple but informative feature to know when you had contacted the Lead, People or Company previously, thus enabling you to keep track of your customers.


    Sales Targets -

    Keep track of your Team or Agents performance by assigning goals and monitor progress.

    • Goal Assignee - Choose Company, Team or User.
    • Select User - If Assignee is Team or User, select the team or user for the goal
    • Goal Type - Choose the type of goal based on the Activities or Deals
    • Module - Based on the type of goal choose the module you need to track.
    • Select Pipeline* - If the Module is chosen in Deal, select which pipeline you need to track.
    • Tracking Metric - Choose between Value or Count for tracking deal goal based on count or value.
    • Target - The count or value for the goal.
    • Interval - The duration of the set goal.
    • Duration - Automatically the system will choose or can be set for a time period.

    Forecast -

    Estimate your future revenue and understand your deals closure probability

    • Forecast Assignee - Choose Company, Team or User.
    • Select User - If Assignee is Team or User, select the team or user for the forecast
    • Forecast Type - Choose the type of forecast based on Open deals, won deals or with targets
    • Forecast Title - Name the forecast for easy reference
    • Pipeline - Select which pipeline you need to track your deals.
    • Interval - The duration of the set goal.
    • Duration - Automatically the system will choose or can be set for a time period.
    • Optional Filters - This helps to filter the forecast based on Customer company. (1)

    We have other upcoming features which will be available within the next 2 months.

    • Automation - Workflow Automation & Cadence (Email Sequencing)
    • Zapier Integration
    • LinkedIn Plugin - Easily add LinkedIn Profile information to Sales Simplify with ease.
    • Sales Enablement - A complete new feature to help Salespeople improve skill and knowledge.

    In case you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

  6. At Sales Simplify we always love to hear from salespersons on how to make their work easier for them, so we listened and the team is busy working on evolving Sales Simplify!

    What to expect?

    • Tweaks in User Interface
    • Automations to make life easier for you
    • Assign goals and know your forecast
    • Modernization on Modules

  7. Smart Views

    Filters are out and Smart Views are in. You can now create different types of filter reports regarding your Leads, Deals, Activities, Customers or Products. Customize your filter views and save it as a favourite to easily fetch the data.

    screen-capture (3)

    Deal List View

    Don't like the pipelined view of your deals? We got you! See your deals now in a list view too.

    screen-capture (4)
  8. We have made some tweaks which have been recommended by Sales Simplify Users that have helped in simplifying their process!

    Leads - Convert to Deal or Junk Lead in the Leads popover.


    Deals - Filter your deals effortlessly based on their Status (Open, Won, Lost or Archived) or Tags.


    Global Search - Access relevant data with ease through our enhanced global search bar.


    People & Company - Easily access Lead, Deal, People and Company details within the timeline or in the information section within the modules.

    See all Leads, Deals and People associated with a company, along with their notes and activities.

  9. Lead Bot is live!

    New Feature

    Lead Bot will be personalized and embeddable, perfect for collecting information from your website visitors and funneling them into Sales Simplify.

    Sales Simplify